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Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorneys

Have you or a loved one been affected by a brain injury? Traumatic brain injuries can be life changing, not only for yourself but for the people around you. Brain Injuries tend to arise from violent blows or jolts to either the head or body. We at Gould & Jefferson understand that this may be an emotional time for people suffering a loss, and our team of attorneys take each case with the required compassion for you in order make sure that you are receiving the best treatment, while also ensuring that you are adequately compensated for your damages. If you or a loved one has had a brain injury, it is important to talk to a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer.  Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills has experienced and dedicated attorneys standing by to assist you. Call (310) 899-9529 now to schedule a free 1- hour consultation with our team of attorneys.

Brain Injury Information

Mild brain injuries may only affect brain cells for a temporary, however more serious brain injuries can result in bruising, torn tissues, and even psychological damage to one’s brain. These injuries can be life threatening and tends to result in complications that stick with the person for the rest of their lives. When cells are destroyed and the connections between cells break, the functions your cells seize to perform, and in some cases never come back. This may cause victims to lose their ability to move, feel/sense their surroundings, and can cause changes to personalities and other cognitive abilities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates show that approximately 1.4 million Americans suffer from some kind of traumatic brain injury every year. Approximately 2 % of the U.S. population needs permanent daily help in order to succumb the difficulties of experiences a traumatic brain injury. These accidents can arise from car and other motor-vehicle accidents and even falling from a stair-case. Symptoms can include tingling sensations, loss of consciousness, loss of vision/hearing, headaches or sleepiness.

Brain Injury Verdicts/Settlements

  • Nelsen v. Hillyard, Inc., et al. $21,067,093
  • Tilton v. Southern California Gas Co. (Sempra Energy) $15,000,000
  • Sims v. Mountain Area Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) $7,000,000
  • Doe v. Cruise Ship $5,600,000
  • Janovici v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) $5,000,000
  • Wilbur v. Does $3,500,000

 Hire a Knowledgeable Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies are always determined to undermine claims by delving into victim’s medical records, social media records, and criminal history. They try to take any information available to assert that the injury is not as serious as being claimed and/or that is was not caused the defendant in the situation.

Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills has knowledgeable Brain Injury Attorneys that know how to deal with insurance companies in order to overcome these arguments and tactics that they use. This is why it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable team of Brain Injury lawyers fighting by your side. Call (310) 899-9529 to speak with the Best Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer.

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