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Have you been injured in a Head-on Collision? We at Gould & Jefferson understand that this may be a difficult time for people who have been injured, and our team of attorneys take each case with the required compassion for you in order to make sure that you are receiving the best treatment, while also ensuring that you are adequately compensated for your damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in Head-on Collision, it is important to talk to a Los Angeles Head-on Collision Lawyer. Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills has experienced and dedicated attorneys standing by to assist you. Call (310) 899-9529 now to schedule a free 1- hour consultation with our team of attorneys.

Head-on Collision Information

A Head-on Collision are one of the most dangerous car accident collisions. Although they are less common that most other accident types, these accidents to lead to serious and devastating injuries. Head-on collisions are those accidents where the nose/front of one vehicle strikes the nose/front of another vehicle. This typically happens when somebody is not driving in the correct lane, typically the opposite lane. Fault in a head-on collision case depends on a variety of issues such as the traveling direction of the vehicle, intersection lights, and stop signs. Fault determination is fact specific and in certain situations, contributory negligence can be raised. Contributory negligence reshapes the case by showing that the injured person contributed to the collision. If contributory negligence is shown, the once considered at-fault party, will no longer be considered fully liable. Serious injuries are common in Head-on Collisions and it is important to get the proper medical treatment. Clients who come to Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills are set up with some of best doctors in Southern California.

Hire a Knowledgeable Head-on Collision Lawyer

Insurance adjusters often try to contact you early on after an accident in order to interrogate you and manipulate words that can minimize your injuries as well as negate the negligent (at fault) party’s liability. When such car accidents are caused by the negligence (fault) of another party, victims of these accidents are frequently compensated for their loss, through monetary compensation. Insurance adjusters will always to try get away with paying as little money as possible. The attorneys at Gould & Jefferson know how to approach, deal, and settle with insurance companies to get car accident victims the highest compensation for their loss and injuries.

Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills has knowledgeable Head-on Collision Attorneys that know how to deal with insurance companies in order to overcome these arguments and tactics that they use. This is why it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable team of Head-on Collision Lawyers fighting by your side. Call (310) 899-9529 to speak with the Best Los Angeles Head-on Collision Lawyers.