Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

Dealing with Drug Charges can be an extremely terrifying experience because the consequences can be substantial. Depending on the amount of contraband involved, you could be facing County Jail or Prison time as a result of your charges. Whether it is Possession of Drugs like Meth, Cocaine, or Heroin, hiring an Experienced Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer is essential to maximize your success and ensure your freedom. Call Gould & Jefferson of Beverly Hills at (310) 899-9529 for a FREE 1-hour Consultation with an Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Possession vs. Possession for Sale

Mere possession of drugs is generally considered a Misdemeanor in California under Health and Safety Code Section 11350(a). Possession can be distinguished from Possession for Sale based on things such as quantity and how the drugs were found. Possession for Sale is charged as a Felony under Health and Safety Code 11351.

For example, if you are found with 5 pounds of Meth, you will likely be charged with Possession for Sale. The Prosecutor will argue that 5 pounds is much more than a useable amount for one individual. They will also look to things such as how the drugs were stored, and whether you had large amounts of cash on you. All of this can be circumstantial evidence of what the Prosecutor will claim as your intent to sell.

What are the Consequences for Drug Charges?

1. Possession of a Controlled Substance

Consequences for Possession of a Controlled Substance include up to one (1) year in County Jail, fines and fees, and/or probation. Typically, a plea to a possession charge will subject you to search and seizure, with no warrant necessary. In other words, if you are pulled over for any reason and are on probation for a Drug Charge, you will be subject to search and seizure—with or without a search warrant. Probation typically lasts for a period of three (3) years and can be terminated early if you complete your probationary requirements sooner rather than later. If this charge is filed as a Felony, you can face up to three (3) years in Prison.

2. Possession for Sale

Consequences of Possession for Sale are far more serious than mere possession. Your exposure is up to five (5) years in Prison and you can face fees in excess of $10,000. For Felony cases, your probation is Formal and you are required to check in monthly with a Probation Officer. You are also subject to search and seizure without a warrant, much like for Misdemeanor Probation.


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